Fact Sheet

Council: Pacific Harbors
District: Capital Area
Location: Olympia, Washington
Meeting Place: The Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd 
Number of Registered Scouts: 60
Number of Registered Adults: 42
Official Colors: Black & Gold
Official Motto: ESAM

Scouting Podcasts

ScoutCast is an audio podcast for Scouting leaders and parents.
  1. This month, let’s talk about Cultivating New Leaders, also called Succession Planning: Having the right person in place to take over if, for whatever reason, a scoutmaster, assistant scoutmaster or committee member needs to bow out of his or her commitment. There’s a little more to it than just having the first available warm body […]

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  2. Do you know who your COR is? Do you what a COR is? COR is the acronym for Chartered Organization Representative. If that still doesn’t ring a bell, this episode is for you! On second thought – even if you do know, you might want to tune in, anyway, because joining us is podcast favorite […]

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  3. You may remember that back in March we talked about the Advancement Process, part of which is earning merit badges. Well, we’ll be ending the ScoutCast year with Jeff Bostwick, Chair of the National Merit Badge Sub Committee with an in-depth discussion on the Merit Badge Process and why it’s so important that you don’t […]

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  4. Why would anyone want to go camping in cold weather? Seriously – we want to know. So we invited Zach Chopp-Adams, district member at large for the Three Fires District in Southern Shores Field Service Council located in Southern Michigan. Zach has been winter camping for over 20 years – and he’s only 33. TRANSCRIPT

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  5. OK, listeners, we’ve had discussions on recruiting youth and leaders, how to start a troop, training and advancement. And NOW is the time to start planning those courts of honor. Steve Bowen, who is a member of the Scouts BSA committee and other national committees, guides us through this month’s episode as we figure out what we […]

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